Servicing Options

Flameguard Fire Protection Ltd has over 20 years experience servicing fire equipment. It's proprietor has worked with both national and local companies and it is this experience that encourages us to offer a better more personal service than our competitors. As a company focused on keeping existing customers, our prices are fixed for a minimum of three years to offer you, the customer, peace of mind.

Savings acheived by customers switching their servicing to Flameguard are between 20 - 60%

BS 5306 part 3 requires all extinguishers are serviced by a qualified competent person on an annual basis, in addition to this periodic extended servicing (complete discharge test and recharge) must also be carried out with the exception of co2 which requires a periodic overhaul (pressure test re-valve and complete refurbishment).

Use the contact us link and just add how many and preferably what type of extinguisher you have and we will send you a free no obligation quotation.

Due to our continued commitment to offer our customers the service that is most suited to them we now offer three different service options these are as follows;

  1. Pay as you go:
    We charge you a basic service fee which includes call out, basic service of all extinguishers, all basic service spares and certificate on completion. All periodic extended service and overhaul of co2, plus any replacement parts are charged separately.
  2. The all in maintenance contact:
    A Preferred option for customers with a minimum of 20 extinguishers on site, we charge you a set price per extinguisher this includes all basic servicing, any extended servicing, overhauling of co2 extinguishers and any replacement parts required through normal wear and tear.
  3. The complete all in maintenance agreement:
    This option is offered to customers with a minimum of 30 extinguishers on site giving the customer the opportunity to set an accurate budget for their annual maintenance, this includes all services available through option 2 with the inclusion of replacement extinguishers condemned during annual service due to fault or normal wear and tear.

Flameguard Fire protection can supply a complete range of Fire Extinguishers which are all Kite Marked to BS EN3 and CE marked.

All new Extinguishers are delivered, fitted with the correct usage signage completely free of charge. Contact us now for a free no obligation survey and Quotation.