The New and Exclusive Range; The E-Series Water Mist Extinguishers

The E series water mist is suitable to use across all classes of fire (excluding D) and is also 100% environmentally friendly.

This is achieved as all the can contains is pure, de-ionised water, no additive or chemicals are used! It works via a new and patented technology in the dip tube and nozzle which propels the water as more of a low pressure fog than a spray. This fog evaporates upon contact with the fire, therefore suffocating and cooling, leaving little to no residue and no collateral damage.

Safer to use as just pure water in them.

  • Cleaner than other agents
  • Greener than other agents
  • Great for reducing carbon footprint
  • Put out fat and oil fires
  • Safe on electrics as micron size of water droplet very low
  • Able to simplify training as multi risk extinguishers
  • Nothing to dispose of like foam or wet chemical as water mist turns to steam
  • Leave little or no collateral damage as water turns to steam
  • Water Mist is a fantastic coolant so once fires are put out they do not re-ignite

The E series is now fully Kite marked and Is available to Flameguard customers in 1, 3 and 6 litre Extinguishers