Flameguard design, install and maintain access control systems for domestic and commercial properties, from simple stand-alone systems or PC networked multi-site systems we can provide the best solution for your home or business.

Total Security
Access Control Systems
  • Single door entry systems
  • Multi door entry systems
  • Gate Automation
  • Video and Audio systems
  • Card and Proximity Systems
  • Photo ID systems


Audio Access Systems Audio

Audio only door entry systems are a basic method of communication between the front door and the occupants of the building. It allows the occupants to verify that the caller is genuine before opening the door and is popular for residential and commercial use.


Video Access Systems Video

A further enhancement to the above is the video entry system. This performs the same role as the above but has the benefit of an integral camera fitted to the external speech panel. The handset is fitted with a small T.V. monitor to allow the occupier to actually see who is at the door before deciding to grant access of not.


Card Access Systems Card

Card access systems are an extremely cost effective method of controlling movements into and out of buildings, and access cards quite often have a photo of the holder printed directly onto them.


Computer Systems Computer

These systems can be stand alone or linked to a central computer for full control. A computer based system will record all movements through controlled doors within a building and provides a useful audit trail of whom went where and when.

Why do you need an access system?

In an emergency, such as a bomb scare or fire, these systems can also be used to provide a roll-call printout of how many staff were in the building at the time.

Other Applications

Other applications include time and attendance packages for calculation of hours on site and payroll.